Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jason From Dime City Cycles Roaring Through Dry Lake Bed Of El Mirage, CA

Got a link to this footage from Jason over at Dime City Cycles roaring the California Desert out at El Mirage. We have many fond memories of that sacred dry lake bed as most every fall we go out to race and work in the pits for the Bean Bandits Racing team. Cool to see some footage of El Mirage without all the race cars so you can view the wide open spaces and really open it up just about any where you want without worry about riding onto a track and runnin' into a car shootin' for 200mph.

If you are interested in more footage similar to this, check out what the folks are doing over at ItsBetterInTheWind's youtube page or see what the Bean Bandits are up to with their high performance and high speed race cars of legend.

El Mirage is north of Los Angeles, take the 2 if you want the ultimate scenic drive

The dry lake bed is forever a spot for great photo shoots