Monday, June 6, 2011

She Rides - "Drunk Tornado of Junkyard Rock and Biker Metal"

We honestly could not pay for such a great description of She Rides latest ep to be doled out by the folks over at When they came up with the line "drunk tornado of junkyard rock and biker metal" we instantly cut a crooked grin and felt proud as a peacock. Read on for the review below...

She Rides
Buy the Ticket
Rusty Knuckles Records

Buy the Ticket is a four song EP from She Rides, Providence, Rhode Island’s drunk tornado of junkyard rock and biker metal, whose label, Rusty Knuckles Records, is home to such hideous outlaws as ANTiSEEN and Crank County Daredevils, so you know the kind of cocaine and gasoline fun you’re gonna get here. It’s been about three years since their self-titled debut, so the fact that there’s only four songs means they had to stuff an awful lot of sleaze into each one of ‘em for maximum effect, and I’ll be damned if the whole thing isn’t as bloated as a dead possum who overdosed on a lethal mix of Ironboss, The Misfits, Peter Pan Speedrock, and Damn 13. Take one Hunter S. Thompson reference, a bunch of nasty riffs, and the words party, piss, and dude, and you’ve got an EP aimed to tickle saggy-titted trailer trash in that special spot usually reserved for their cousin’s greasy shotgun.