Friday, June 17, 2011

Rusty Metric - The Custom Counter-Culture

Here is another project that we have been keeping under wraps until we could get functionality working to the utmost. Folks, let's just admit it right now, for most intensive research purposes and future direction of things to come, magazines are dead. They will continue to be printed but in even smaller quantities with less interesting content as the news and updates will more readily come from online sites that are consistently updated. If you think this idea is crazy talk, well dig into advertising figures along with web traffic data, its quite amazing and in all reality points to the future.

We whole heartedly embrace the online magazine, or in better terms it is a content portal, plain and simple. After numerous emails, too many phone calls, many beers and calling bullshit on most of what folks think is good, bad and ugly. The infamous silver tongued Trent Rekker of and good ol' Rusty Knuckles have decided to join forces in drum roll please...Rusty Metric.

What we have in our arsenal is quite amazing and that being our deep quiver of friends, mechanics, scumbags, fabricators, story tellers, vagabonds, musicians and folks on both sides of the mechanical coin who get what counter-culture truly is. Forget about biker or hot rod porn as in just the hero shots of cool rides, that is just not enough to peak interests anymore. Rusty Metric is digging deep and getting into the story about how something was created and why a certain metal object has just as much soul as James Brown. Look for the amazing photography work of Lance Dawes, music articles from across the outlaw country and rock n' roll spectrum and of course, well versed prose from editor du jour Trent Rekker.

In a few weeks the full site will be launched along with a downloadable magazine for a incredibly low price of just one buck. Yes, you heard us. It's going to cost $1 in US American currency and can be downloaded world wide. We will also be adding streaming music and video to really up the ante. If you dig the music and character of Rusty Knuckles along with the depth and soul of Biker Metric, you just found the best damn watering hole online. Biker Metric and Rusty Knuckles combined together are looking to start a revolution in such a simple way, we are going to bring the content you want to see and hear. See ya at the next fill up...

Let JB Beverly take you on a great ride for this launch...