Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sneak Peak - New Shirts For Cafe Racer TV

Here is a sneak peak at the art just finished up for the new show on Discovery HD called Cafe Racer. The shirts will be sold in the Cafe Racer TV Store and in the Rusty Knuckles Store.

Cafe Racer TV Promo: Airing on Discovery HD Theater October 13th @ 9PM EST

New Products Finally In Stock

We have been cookin' on quite a few things lately, whether it be new shirt designs for the new Cafe Racer show on Discovery HD, album projects, new music player widgets for our social media pages or the infamous "Rabid Bear" design about to be unleashed for the madman Jeff Clayton of Antiseen. I promise ya JC its on the drawing table, and will be done asap! All these projects have had me quite backed up and I still have a list pages long for new designs that have to be finished up pronto. Without further ado, I would like to showcase new releases to our merch and music catalogs along with a new build.

First up, the new Jay Berndt album is in stock and selling like hotcakes, as it should. This album was two years in the making and is probably one of the finest examples of pure Americana and Alt Country music you can bob your head to. It is so full of peaks, valleys and utter truth that it is going to be a cherished album for many years to come. You can buy it here: Jay Berndt - Sad Bastard Songs

Next up we have brand new patches for the fellas in Flat Tires. These patches are all black, with silver lettering and graphics and about 3 inches round with a iron on backing, specifically made for you lazy bums who can't sew, same as me! Shop for it here: Flat Tires - Patch

Also in stock is the brand new Rusty Knuckles Wrench patch. Our old patches became a hot ticket item and sold out fast. We just ordered a hundred of these and know they will be moving fast. Shop for it in the Rusty Knuckles Merch Store

Last but certainly not least, wanted to give yall an update on the latest build in the shop. Working on a 2000 Buell Cyclone that will become my land speed racing bike to run at El Mirage, Maxton and Bonneville. The bike will be dual purpose, that being a full racing bike and it will be street legal as I want to ride it all the time. These Buells are fantastic bikes as the tubular frame is great to work with and it has an amazing riding stance, in that its just about a sport cruiser, so its perfect for a larger rider such as myself. With the big bore kit already installed and every unnecessary item discarded, now its time to lean the bike out in the design aspect and really hone in on making it faster, while updating the look I am going for with a very mechanical inspired street fighter. Looking for the 160mph run next season and yet still have a very comfortable bike that I can do a 200 mile day on.

On The Outside, Looking In - Jay Berndt

Well folks, got another update from Jay Berndt on his tour stories from days not too long ago. Would the mention of Slayer peak your interest? If so, then read on and find out about Tom Araya and his depth of musical knowledge...

You Can’t Judge A Book by Looking at the Cover

Old saying or my favorite Bo Diddley song…. But it’s really true. We humans are quick to judge based on appearances. I honestly think we all have been guilty of it one time or another. I’ve seen it happen so many times with musicians. Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion; the more brutal a band seems to appear, the more down to earth and really awesome they are. Judas Priest? Very gracious and kind. Marilyn Manson? Surprisingly normal. Dave Mustaine of Megadeth? Actually a really nice guy. Motorhead? Total gentlemen. Hell, my parents hung out with them back stage at Ozzfest and my mother said “I like that Lemmy. He is a charming man.” And indeed, he is but that’s a story for another time…

But the band that really takes the cake is Slayer. We were scheduled to start a tour with them immediately after we finished Ozzfest in 98’ and a number of bands told us horror stories of opening for them. Mostly that the audiences chanted “SLAYER, SLAYER, SLAYER” and threw things at the opening bands. Or how Slayer had ignored the other bands during the entire tour. Needless to say, I was a bit fearful. I think we were doing 40 or so shows with them, and I just didn’t want any strife. I mean, it’s fucking Slayer! They were pretty much the heaviest, gnarliest music I listened to and I was just looking forward to seeing them play every night never mind anything else. Even though Sharon Osbourne (who is indeed incredibly sweet) kept saying she loves her Slayer boys, I kept hearing these nightmare stories, and it got to me.

So we left right after the last Ozzfest show in Washington DC and drove straight to Seattle, WA for two days straight. I slept maybe three hours that whole trip and drove a huge chunk of that trip. We arrived in Seattle, checked into our hotel, got a couple hours of sleep and went straight to the gig. Well, we played less than stellar that night. Frankly… We sucked. I sulked off to the dressing room and sunk into a chair. A few minutes later, Tom Araya walked in eating an apple with a knife and asked how’s it going? I told him I was down because I thought we played like shit. He said “Well there’s always tomorrow. You guys will turn it around. I really like your band.” and walked out. Well, that certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. The next night, Tom brought us into their dressing room and introduced us to Kerry King as he was lifting weights. He stopped, looked really annoyed, and said “I really like your album. You pussies going to drink with us tonight?” All I could do was laugh. Surprisingly enough, we hung out with Tom, Kerry and Paul (Bostaph) pretty much every single night and really had a lot of fun with those guys.

Sometime in the middle of the tour, I got a song stuck in my head. I didn’t know who it was by and I didn’t know any of the words. But I knew the melody and I kept singing it over and over. I did know it was a kind of AM Gold 70’s song but that’s about it. So I’m humming the tune and our bass player Marty asked “what are you humming?” and I told him I didn’t know. “Well sing it”, but I told him I didn’t know the words. So I did my best of singing a few bars and Marty said it didn’t sound familiar. So this went on for about a week with everyone in my band, and everyone in Slayer’s road crew. Nobody knew the song. So we’re all at this family style seafood restaurant somewhere in Florida having dinner. And of course many of the patrons of the restaurant are just horrified by our presence. We’re just eating, drinking and having a great time. I’m humming the song again and our guitar player Mikey says "why don’t you ask Tom?" And Tom says “Ask me what?” "I tell him I have a song stuck in my head and I have no idea what it is." He says “Well sing it”. So I start singing it, Tom suddenly gets really excited and his eyes go wide. He yells “SISTER GOLDEN HAIR!!” And I said “Huh, well who is it by?” He looked at me in disbelief and screams… “AMERICA!!” I said “You mean like 'A Horse with No Name' by America?” Tom screams “YES!!” Meanwhile the entire restaurant has stopped what they’re doing and looking at us. Tom Araya, singer of songs about serial killers, Nazis, and Satanism… Jumps up on the restaurant table, starts playing air guitar, and singing “Sister Golden Hair” by America at full volume. And singing it beautifully, I may add.

Listen to Jay Berndt on myspace Click Here

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How The Ride For Lightning Truly Started

If yall want to truly know how the whole Ride For lightning started, take a read on my buddy Lance's blog, this posting was the impetus. Lance was tellin' me about his buddy Lee who was having a tough time with this disesase called MS and all the implications. We were just hangin' on my deck talkin' and he mentioned what Lee was going through and it planted a seed. Tim and I had been planning on doing a fall run and making it a benefit type of run, just seemed to be the logical approach. Hopefully yall are makin' the decision to either go on the run or to contribute to the cause. I know it's asking a lot, especially for a person most have never met, but folks please help us, help someone in need. All the sponsors that are sending in products and new parts are doing it, for the sake of Lee.

For the most part in life, I believe in the individual and the strength of self reliance, hello Emerson, rather than waiting for life to dictate its terms to me. If you agree or don't agree I couldn't give a rats ass, but in the here and now we have a brother in need so if ya have a few bucks or just the time to pass along a web posting that is all that we are asking for.

Ride for Lighting is something within all of us, as its the spark of life...

Rumble In Ramona - The Last Stand

That's it folks, this is the official last Rumble in Ramona. With great pleasure we are pleased to announce that two Rusty Knuckles bands will be closing out this private party that has left folks jaws dropped by the edge of the coping for two years runnin'. Hellbound Glory will be headlining along with direct support by The Green Lady Killers. Killin' the vert ramp all day will be skating legends Lance Mountain, Jeff Grosso, Danny Way, Max Schaff, Ben Schroeder, Salba, Christian Hosoi, Wade Speyer and many many more. Yeah, we are stoked, and just one more lesson to show its not what ya know its who ya know, thanks Dawes and Jake! That being said, its a private event, so find a friend to get ya in!

Rock out to The Green Lady Killers

Get your scumbag country on with Hellbound Glory

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cafe Racer TV - Discovery Channel HD

We are quite honored that there will be some "Rusty Knuckles" presence in the new show airing on Discovery HD Channel. Our pals over at Dime City Cycles down in Tampa, FL are featured builders on the show and have been strong supporters of Rusty Knuckles from the start. You might catch a few of them wearing our gear and will see some of our shirts on the new website for the show. Needless to say we are stoked and proud to be part of this great new series.

Here is the posting from the fellas over at Dime City Cycles:
"Well folks, the time is almost here. Beginning October 13th at 9PM EST on Discovery HD Theater, the networks newest series "Cafe Racer", is certain to pull you off your bike and plant you in front of your TV! Airing in 13 episodes, the series will take you from the beginning when cafe racers ruled the streets of London to modern ti...mes in the US, as well as other areas around the globe, where the classic and undying culture is not only living, but thriving.

In addition to the TV series airing weekly fans will be able to follow the live CRTV web portal at, Where you can checkout the awesome builders contributing to the series by reading their bio's and looking at sneak peaks of their projects as they progress. Read and review web-only editorial by Mike Seate, Publisher & Editor of Cafe Racer magazine. Checkout the awesome photo galleries and YouTube video section for unedited and behind the scenes profiles on riders and builders just like you. And if that's not enough, post up photos of your own cafe racers for chances to win free swag on the viewers portal!

Stay tuned to the DCC BLOG and Facebook for more details as we approach the 13th. And PLEASE, SPREAD THE WORD to every cafe racer and motorcyclist you know. Send it out via Facebook, email, carrier pigeon- whatever you have at your disposal!

The success of this show solely depends on the viewer-ship. Help us share and preserve heritage that is, one of the the last unaltered niches in the motorcycle world.

- The DCC Crew"

Check out Dime City Cycles

Cafe Racer TV dot com

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wrong Engine Captain America

While sitting here readin' some news I happened to click through a few photos on the news links about a Captain America movie. What struck me immediately is the fact that here is this bitchin' lookin' army bike and wow, whaddaya know they put a modern motor and tranny in there instead of actually getting maybe a K or P series motor from S&S that would have nailed the look, been modern and completely on point. Surely the purists will be raising their fists as well, being that the devil is in the details. Damn if those bad guys don't have some cool street fighters...

Detroit Lives - VBS Part 1 of 3

Johnny Knoxville is up to it again with his documentaries and he is off to a great start. Detroit continues to be knocked down and all we ever hear about is the urban decay and crime, but don't let that be the only story you hear. There is a creative force putting mass efforts into the city to create the city anew. Bravo!

Jay Berndt - Flyer for CD Release Show

For all of yall in the north east or specifically the Providence area, our pal Jay Berndt is going to be putting on one hell of a show coming up on Friday Oct. 8th. Get to the show and check out what is going to become a benchmark album in Americana music. Jay has put over two years of blood, sweat and tears into creating a collection of songs, which will take you on a journey through peaks on valleys and you will be begging for more. Download the flyer and post up anywhere you can.

Jay Berndt on Myspace

Jay Berndt on Facebook

The Cleverly's - Bluegrass Comedy

There is nothing better than when something is so steadfast in tradition and hasn't changed and then a band comes along that adds some spice. Check out the Cleverly's, a bluegrass band that takes certain stereo types and pushes them a bit further along. With clever songs such as "Podophilliac", "Walk Like An Egyptian" and "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" they are taking their audiences on the hillbilly train to bumfuck, Egypt and damn if ya don't want to stay onboard and see how the weather is over there.

The Cleverlys dot com

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Green Lady Killers

We would like to officially announce our partnership with The Green Lady Killers out of Phoenix, AZ. These ladies know how to attack a stage and have the songs to back it up. We will be releasing their debut full length album "Just Fine" this fall and be on the lookout for videos, tours and new merch coming to you very shortly. This quote sums it up for us and hopefully will make yall have a listen:

"If you can imagine a world where Joan Jett and Lita Ford kept The Runaways alive through the 80s and 90s, then you will understand why I've been caught saying "...with rock as this good as GLK, the world doesn't need The Donnas" over the last year. Songs like "My 45", "Linger On", and "Dance Floor" are primed to be rock radio hits. Close your eyes and listen to the high energy cut "Time Bomb" and you'll wonder how long it will take for a music supervisor to license this for the next blockbuster movie or MTV-reality series soundtrack… Loaded with psychobilly riffs, punk rage, and pop-metal sensibilities, GLK take their songs to places most so-called "bad girl" bands wouldn't dare."
- Vil Vodka,

Listen to the Green Lady Killers on Myspace

Check'em out on Facebook

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hellbound Glory - Old Highs & New Lows

We couldn't be more proud to be working with Hellbound Glory as they are solid dudes and damn great musicians. If you missed out on getting Old Highs in its first iteration, well wait a few weeks and the brand new version, is about to drop. Its fully remastered and the songs sound that much better and of course with the new artwork it looks ten times better. With their incendiary live show and great song writing, this is true country music.

Hellbound Glory on Myspace

Hellbound Glory on Facebook

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Behind The Barbed Wire - 9.22.10

Hey Y'all, here we go with another installment of my not so consistent blog. Big news in the ANTiSEEN camp is that the GG ALLIN & ANTiSEEN picture disc is now in stock!!!! Only 500 pressed folks, so order up NOW!!!! We got a few shows coming up in the next couple of weekends. See the flyer below for cities and club address.

In Myrtle Beach , SC on Sept 24th we will have the pleasure of sharing the stage once again with longtime pals BAZOOKA JOE who have recently reformed after many years hiatus.The next night in Jacksonville, FLA we will be with GHOSTWITCH FAMILY BAND and others. Next weekend on Oct.1st (which officially 27 years since our very first show) we will be in Columbia, SC and then on to Columbus, Ohio to play a show put on by our old pal from the legendary SERIAL KILLERS and DWARVES crew member and all round Pro Wrestling Expert PAUL BEARER. We will also be sharing the stage with a band we played with on our first ever East Coast tour, The Cheater Slicks. The show is FREE so come on out!!!!!

w/ Paul Bearer at the now legendary DWARVES/ ANTiSEEN show in Charleston, SC.

Last time we talked a little about Wrestling. Got a few comments (not ENOUGH!!!!) so as part of this blog every week (yeah right!) Im gonna try to share some of my Wrestling memories and memorabilia with you rubes!!!! one of my prized possessions. Terry Funk mailed this to us after we mailed him a copy of our tribute song to him FUNK U.

And Ive always said you can tell how much you'd get along with someone just by looking at their record collection." Cool" people do have "cool" records , right?
Well, look at what Abdullah the Butcher has in HIS collection!!!!

Speaking of records.....RUSTY KNUCKLES has some good shit lined up for all of you these next few months. In addition to the GG/ASEEN pic disc being available now, so is the JOE BUCK YOURSELF / FLAT TIRES split single!!!! AND as if that is not enough, soon you will have in your hands the newest ANTiSEEN single SWEET BLOOD CALL b/w BLACK EYED SUSIE which will also feature, oddly enough, JOE BUCK!!!!

Me and Joe Buck on the Spring Tour 2009, Oklahoma City

ON STAGE w/ ANTiSEEN & Joe Buck, Spring tour 2010, Milwaukee, Wis.

Well, fall is just around the corner and we have some real treats for you trixters this coming Halloween.....Stay tuned and I'll tell ya all about it next time....goddamnit.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Illustration for Hellbound Glory

Things are cookin' with gas in the studio and here is another illustration cranked out late last night for some new merch coming up with Hellbound Glory. Those fellas tore it up on their recent trek around the country and be on the lookout for their cd to be re-issued with a proper album design and promotions to a world wide audience.

Listen to Hellbound Glory on Myspace

Follow Hellbound Glory on Facebook

Monday, September 20, 2010

Image 1 - Raffle Prize - Ride for Lightning

Yeah, we are stoked to be putting on our second big bike run this year called the Ride For Lightning but whats even cooler is when folks take the art I created for the run and turn it into a raffle prize. Check out this panel created by Image 1 for the raffle give away. Hells yeah, some folks are going to be stoked to get this killer panel all done with One Shot pin striping paint.

Image 1 - site

Ride For Lightning dot com

Outlier Stringed Instruments

Every now and then random events collide and you are then left in awe to wonder just how cool life can be. Case in point, I knew that my buddy Jef was quite the musician and used to do quite well playing Bluegrass, but I didn't know to what level of good he was or his brother for that matter. Well as it turns out, Jef and his brother Ben are quite the talented duo on the strings and Ben creates guitars and mandolins with his company Outlier Stringed Instruments, outta Providence, RI. Ben manufactures these stringed beauties as highly functioning and unique instruments with a rich and full bodied sound. Listen to some of the footage on their site and definitely dig through the photos, these are truly works of art.

Outlier Stringed Instruments site

Road Devils Halloween Bike & Car Show

Been working on new artwork for an upcoming bike and car show with the Road Devils car club for Halloween. Have a look at the initial sketch and poster along with the ink work for one of the new cafe racer shirts about to be released. Swamped over here in projects and we have a lot of news coming up for three new bands coming on board with Rusty Knuckles Music. All new illustrations for merch with Antiseen, Hellbound Glory, Jay Berndt, a few bands about to be announced along with new work with our biker brethren will be revealed shortly.

Ryca Motors - Cafe Racers Made In LA

The beauty of geo-tagged advertising is that some things miraculously come into our view. In actuality through, its the alchemy and wizardry of google nerds doing code work tagging our every move, thus allowing content to find us based upon our "likes" and previous views. This is the case of Ryca Motors, a company based out of LA that is building bitchin' cafe racers on a budget based around the Suzuki S40/Savage, as they popped up onto my radar via Facebook this morning. Imagine that you have one of those S40 bikes laying around or happen to find one for cheap on Craigslist or Ebay and feel the need to build your own bike, well this is a great option and well under five grand. The price tag is a great option and selling point, plus a killer little cafe bike is a damn good bike out on country roads where you can explore all types of speed and handling or in the city which you can lane split and dodge shitty drivers.

Ryca Motors - more info on builds and parts

Friday, September 17, 2010

Girl Friday - Thanks Fuel Magazine

Fuel Magazine outta Australia is a great site and really enjoy all of their posts, well some more in particular than others, thanks fellas! Enjoy your Friday.

Fuel Magazine

Ride For Lightning - Bands Playing

The official lineup is now in for the Ride For Lightning run after party at the Twisted Spoke in Pendleton, SC. If ya can't do the run with us, surely join us for the raging after party. Check out the bands below when you get a chance. Its going to be an amazing lineup and The Loose Lugnuts will get everything warmed up around 3pm with some outlaw country. For those on the run, we have select camping and for all others hotels are just down the street.

Flat Tires on Myspace

BeItTheMeans on Myspace

The Speed Kings

Loose Lugnuts - Check out them rocking a house party

Bonneville Speed Week - Ode To Salt

For those of you including myself, who once again missed Bonneville Speed Week, I found this great video by Josh Clason as an ode to the salt...

Ode to Salt - Speed Week 2010 from Josh Clason on Vimeo.

Mojo Magazine - Good Times, Bad Times

While perusing the local newsstand I found the latest issue of Mojo music magazine which had a few great articles including a lengthy piece on Robert Plant, seventies soul and overview of black metal, detailing a few of its murderous individuals. What really caught my eye though was the free cd that contains songs influential to Robert Plant. This cd is the perfect play list to any blues collection, as its all the original songs, you have heard so many times before covered by numerous bands. I say pick up the issue just for the free cd and dive into such artists as Memphis Minnie, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Son House, Leadbelly and quite a few more that changed the way music is played forever. Here are three well known versions of "When The Levee Breaks" originally recorded by Memphis Minnie, then covered by Led Zeppelin and Down.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Cafe Racer Shirt - 1 of 2

Just finishing up the final sketching for our newest cafe racer shirts to go to print next week. We are doing two new shirt designs as asked for by the cafe style bike riders out there. See what ya think. Will be on sale next week in our store...

Flat Tires - South Florida Shows

For you Florida folks, our boys in the Flat Tires will be invading your gator infested waters here quite soon, well next weekend to be exact. Give them some love by checking'em out live and witnessing the baptism by fire of flying PBR and the mad man Clint on the mic. This also goes out to you Dime City boys! Git dem cafe racer's rollin' up to the club and let's see what St. Pete has to offer in the form of dirty Florida punk rawkers! Lock up yer daughters and wives as the Carolina Shit Stomp is coming!