Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Products Finally In Stock

We have been cookin' on quite a few things lately, whether it be new shirt designs for the new Cafe Racer show on Discovery HD, album projects, new music player widgets for our social media pages or the infamous "Rabid Bear" design about to be unleashed for the madman Jeff Clayton of Antiseen. I promise ya JC its on the drawing table, and will be done asap! All these projects have had me quite backed up and I still have a list pages long for new designs that have to be finished up pronto. Without further ado, I would like to showcase new releases to our merch and music catalogs along with a new build.

First up, the new Jay Berndt album is in stock and selling like hotcakes, as it should. This album was two years in the making and is probably one of the finest examples of pure Americana and Alt Country music you can bob your head to. It is so full of peaks, valleys and utter truth that it is going to be a cherished album for many years to come. You can buy it here: Jay Berndt - Sad Bastard Songs

Next up we have brand new patches for the fellas in Flat Tires. These patches are all black, with silver lettering and graphics and about 3 inches round with a iron on backing, specifically made for you lazy bums who can't sew, same as me! Shop for it here: Flat Tires - Patch

Also in stock is the brand new Rusty Knuckles Wrench patch. Our old patches became a hot ticket item and sold out fast. We just ordered a hundred of these and know they will be moving fast. Shop for it in the Rusty Knuckles Merch Store

Last but certainly not least, wanted to give yall an update on the latest build in the shop. Working on a 2000 Buell Cyclone that will become my land speed racing bike to run at El Mirage, Maxton and Bonneville. The bike will be dual purpose, that being a full racing bike and it will be street legal as I want to ride it all the time. These Buells are fantastic bikes as the tubular frame is great to work with and it has an amazing riding stance, in that its just about a sport cruiser, so its perfect for a larger rider such as myself. With the big bore kit already installed and every unnecessary item discarded, now its time to lean the bike out in the design aspect and really hone in on making it faster, while updating the look I am going for with a very mechanical inspired street fighter. Looking for the 160mph run next season and yet still have a very comfortable bike that I can do a 200 mile day on.