Monday, September 20, 2010

Ryca Motors - Cafe Racers Made In LA

The beauty of geo-tagged advertising is that some things miraculously come into our view. In actuality through, its the alchemy and wizardry of google nerds doing code work tagging our every move, thus allowing content to find us based upon our "likes" and previous views. This is the case of Ryca Motors, a company based out of LA that is building bitchin' cafe racers on a budget based around the Suzuki S40/Savage, as they popped up onto my radar via Facebook this morning. Imagine that you have one of those S40 bikes laying around or happen to find one for cheap on Craigslist or Ebay and feel the need to build your own bike, well this is a great option and well under five grand. The price tag is a great option and selling point, plus a killer little cafe bike is a damn good bike out on country roads where you can explore all types of speed and handling or in the city which you can lane split and dodge shitty drivers.

Ryca Motors - more info on builds and parts