Friday, September 10, 2010

Thank You Note From Lee Bender

If yall haven't heard about our fall bike run, well its called the Ride For Lightning. We had originally just started to put together a run to camp out in the hills and drink moonshine while burning numerous trees in our pagan fires. Instead, we decided that our actions should be put to something beneficial for someone in need.

I had heard of Lee Bender's bout with multiple sclerosis through a mutual friend and I knew I had to help in some kind of way. My partner in the bike runs, Tim over at Death Science, decided to really help out by securing sponsors for the run and asking for donations to help Lee out. You can read more about the run over at Ride For Lightning dot com or click the link below.

Lee, glad we can help out hoss...

Ride For Lightning dot com

road of bones from lee bender on Vimeo.