Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Green Lady Killers

We would like to officially announce our partnership with The Green Lady Killers out of Phoenix, AZ. These ladies know how to attack a stage and have the songs to back it up. We will be releasing their debut full length album "Just Fine" this fall and be on the lookout for videos, tours and new merch coming to you very shortly. This quote sums it up for us and hopefully will make yall have a listen:

"If you can imagine a world where Joan Jett and Lita Ford kept The Runaways alive through the 80s and 90s, then you will understand why I've been caught saying "...with rock as this good as GLK, the world doesn't need The Donnas" over the last year. Songs like "My 45", "Linger On", and "Dance Floor" are primed to be rock radio hits. Close your eyes and listen to the high energy cut "Time Bomb" and you'll wonder how long it will take for a music supervisor to license this for the next blockbuster movie or MTV-reality series soundtrack… Loaded with psychobilly riffs, punk rage, and pop-metal sensibilities, GLK take their songs to places most so-called "bad girl" bands wouldn't dare."
- Vil Vodka,

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