Friday, September 3, 2010

Dirty Pages - September 2010

For the loyal Rusty Knuckles blog readers, here is a sneak peak at the latest Dirty Pages newsletter. It will be arriving in the inbox for all the folks that sign up to receive our email newsletter, but its a holiday weekend so I think yall could use some more reading material. The Dirty Pages is a highlight of upcoming events, new products and a showcase of what we have cookin' in our neck of the woods, that goes beyond just the blog. It will slowly morph into something bigger but we can't give away all the details just yet.

Also, for future reference, once the Dirty Pages go live via email, we will then place them into our archive on the Rusty Knuckles - Dirty Pages section of our site.

Link to Rusty Knuckles - Dirty Pages - Archive

Link to Dirty Pages - html version with clickable links