Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Independent Trucks - Ride For Lighting, Sponsor

We are stoked that Independent Trucks is a featured sponsor on our Ride For Lightning run on Oct 15th & 16th. Indy has been around since the late seventies and is the skateboard truck of choice for true hesh skaters. With those guys on board we are damn proud as they have one of the best skate teams in existence and get the vibe of what the Ride For Lightning is all about. Thanks for coming on board Indy! Here is some vert action as well from last years Rumble in Ramona put on by the Rusty Knuckles west coast team of Dirty Dawes and Jake Doomey. So if you are in the know or on the go about the Rumble in Ramona, we will be on site helping to take care of the music stage and two of the Rusty Knuckles Music label bands will be playing, Hellbound Glory and The Green Lady Killers. See ya in Ramona on Oct. 9th!

Check out Independent Trucks!