Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How The Ride For Lightning Truly Started

If yall want to truly know how the whole Ride For lightning started, take a read on my buddy Lance's blog, this posting was the impetus. Lance was tellin' me about his buddy Lee who was having a tough time with this disesase called MS and all the implications. We were just hangin' on my deck talkin' and he mentioned what Lee was going through and it planted a seed. Tim and I had been planning on doing a fall run and making it a benefit type of run, just seemed to be the logical approach. Hopefully yall are makin' the decision to either go on the run or to contribute to the cause. I know it's asking a lot, especially for a person most have never met, but folks please help us, help someone in need. All the sponsors that are sending in products and new parts are doing it, for the sake of Lee.

For the most part in life, I believe in the individual and the strength of self reliance, hello Emerson, rather than waiting for life to dictate its terms to me. If you agree or don't agree I couldn't give a rats ass, but in the here and now we have a brother in need so if ya have a few bucks or just the time to pass along a web posting that is all that we are asking for.

Ride for Lighting is something within all of us, as its the spark of life...