Friday, September 17, 2010

Mojo Magazine - Good Times, Bad Times

While perusing the local newsstand I found the latest issue of Mojo music magazine which had a few great articles including a lengthy piece on Robert Plant, seventies soul and overview of black metal, detailing a few of its murderous individuals. What really caught my eye though was the free cd that contains songs influential to Robert Plant. This cd is the perfect play list to any blues collection, as its all the original songs, you have heard so many times before covered by numerous bands. I say pick up the issue just for the free cd and dive into such artists as Memphis Minnie, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Son House, Leadbelly and quite a few more that changed the way music is played forever. Here are three well known versions of "When The Levee Breaks" originally recorded by Memphis Minnie, then covered by Led Zeppelin and Down.