Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Behind The Barbed Wire - Jeff Clayton

We are pleased to announce that we will be running a new column within our blog called "Behind The Barbed Wire" penned by Jeff Clayton of Antiseen. With over 25 years logged in as singer of the legendary Antiseen, you can bet there are going to be some wild stories. Jeff's first post should be in a few days. Expect everything that you would think and more. This is no holds barred, Texas Death Match Punk Rock Journalism. Stay Tuned!

Listen To Antiseen on Myspace

Corrosion Of Conformity - Then & Now

If you are on the east or here in North Carolina, there is one band in particular that carved out quite the name for themselves in two phases of their career. Corrosion Of Conformity started here in Raleigh and were the local punk hero's. After a shift in the lineup a cleaner and less thrashy punk sound was honed in on and they went straight for big arenas. This second wave of the band is where they were brought to the masses and went on to become a huge act taking the stage with everyone from Metallica to Motorhead to countless others. Personally I dig both sounds as it was just the music they played at that time. Things grow and change, so why shouldn't bands. Whats killer is that C.O.C. has some upcoming shows here in the Carolina's playing their "Technocracy" material along with the new project band Righteous Fool fronted by Mike Dean. If you get the chance get out there and see the shows, gonna be a damn good night.

Corrosion Of Conformity On Myspace

Righteous Fool On Myspace

Wikipedia On C.O.C. History

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lowside Magazine Issue #3 Party

The word has been spreadin' about these Baltimore folks and the cool things they are doing within the chopper community. So guess what, its your moral obligation to roll up to this shindig going down on Saturday August 7th. Not only are we going to be there but so will two of our favorite bands. Yep, Crank County Daredevils and Flat Tires are going to rip the Old Line State a new asshole and show you how we roll in the dirty south. For more info contact Rich at Lowside or just show up.

Horseshoe Pub
12627 Belair Rd.
Kingsville, MD
Noon to Late

Lowside Syndicate

Crank County Daredevils on Myspace

Flat Tires on Myspace

Next Step Up - Baltimore Hardcore

I truly enjoy it when life comes full circle in simply a matter of minutes. After hangin' with the fellas of Lowside the other day at the Smokeout, we started talking about bands and good times in years past. I happened to mention a band called Next Step Up from Baltimore, that was highly influential upon the band I was in, during the second wave of Hardcore. The next thing ya know, the singer JR was standing next to me in the conversation. All I can say is that is how life should work on a regular basis. Was stoked to talk about the hardcore scene and good times for the rest of the weekend. Will never forget one of their infamous shows at the Rev in Baltimore. Besides the bullets lodged into the sculpture on the wall in the McDonald's across the Street, the "long hairs" being thrown over the railing and down the stairs out of the club, it was just another night of tough guy Hardcore music in Baltimore, with the titans Sheer Terror still yet to go on. That's what I miss about rock n' roll. All the clubs that catered to Hardcore on the east coast were in the gnarliest of neighborhoods and getting there meant you had to watch your back. Then while at the club, you never knew what fight would break out or what chaos would ensue. What happened to rock n' roll being dangerous and full of rebellion? Now there is such stupidity and watered down crap. Back then the hardcore and punk scene had solidarity and you got put in check for being a douche. I want it back!

Check out some tunes and flyers from the mighty Next Step Up. And if you didn't already know, what folks call "metalcore" came from bands like Next Step Up, Integrity and many many more...

Next Step Up on Myspace

Doin It In Baja - Part 4 of 8

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bradentucky Burn Up - Bike Show

The fellas over at Dime City sent word about this show down in Bradenton, Florida. For any of yall down in the deep south, I have been told this is a damn killer event. So whatcha waitin' for? Get that bike ready, quit crying about waiting on parts and put some cash in your wallet so you can roll up get some recognition for having a bike that's a runner. If its a damn good time, pass along some photos of evidence as we would sure as hell like to see them.

vintage iron show at yahoo dot com for more info

Revenge Run Featured In Lowside Mag

Life is all about paying it forward and treating people with honesty and respect. It was an absolute blast to finally meet the like minded folks who put together Lowside Magazine. Now the even funnier part is that back in the day I used to be in a hardcore band and one of the dudes from Lowside would come to our shows. Neither of us had a clue who each other was and then it all got figured out by random conversations. As that same conversation was rattling along I was talking about one of my favorite Maryland Hardcore bands called Next Step Up. The next thing I know, he calls over JR the singer. Life works in mysterious ways, but this is a solid shout out to all the Maryland and Baltimore folks we hung out with at the Smokeout. Cannot wait to hang again at the Lowside Magazine Issue 3 release party on August 7th up in Baltimore. Should be a nice and rowdy time!

Check out the Revenge Run feature article

Lowside Syndicate

Rusty Knuckles - Screen Printing New Merch

No matter what shirt you buy or graphic that is emblazoned onto anything, it has to be printed in one way or another. For all the products created over here at Rusty Knuckles we take extra care in how the items are produced and absolute stickler for detail. Its those little nuances that make all the difference when it comes to design and product quality. Check out my buddy Matt making progress on all the new merch we just produced for Rusty Knuckles, Flat Tires and Wrench Works. Coming up for a bunch of our 7inch releases with Antiseen, Joe Buck, Flat Tires and more we are doing all silk screen posters to go with the records. Each will be signed and numbered by band and the artist, which just happens to be yours truly. See yall at Heavy Rebel this weekend.

If you are interested, here is a bit of the backstory on the history of screen printing and or printing in general, its quite fascinating how it changed communication forever, just click on the link below.

More on Screen Printing

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Smokeout 2010 • Rockingham, NC

All I can say is damn, I am beat down from an incredible weekend of hanging out, racing around on the bikes through the campgrounds and making a lot of new friends. For everyone that we hung out with and swapped stories, lookin' forward to it again next year. Too bad the event was damn expensive and losing touch with its core constituency. Paying $20 bucks to enter a bike show when you already paid $35 to get in the gate was quite shitty and lame on the part of The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine. Looks as if their event is simply becoming a money maker. Oh well, more reason to push harder with our Revenge Run and upcoming Moonshine Run, to let bikers have an event that is about them. Check out a few photos or click over to our Flickr page for even more.

Rusty Knuckles on Flickr

Slab City Riot 2

If you happen to live anywhere close or traveling out west, heading out to the Slab City Riot 2 should be a must. Not only is it a bike event with bands but its at the famous boondoggle of natural resources, the Salton Sea. The roads in that area are absolutely spectacular and the weather should be damn near perfect in November. Wish I was rollin' out to it..

Slab City Riot 2 via Chop Cult

Shinya Kimura - Bikes & Sounds

Video directed by Henrik Hansen explaining in a few words and images why and how Shinya Kimura build custom bikes in his small shop of Azusa, California.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Smell Like Blood & Gunpowder In Here

There are many great resources concerning the music business and all that encompasses it dealing with touring, intellectual rights, merch, distribution, etc. etc. But if you are looking for a site in which you can sip your coffee and or eat lunch while reading, Know The Music Biz Dot Com is a damn fine portal. What I generally dig about the site is the DIY approach and the plethora of tips on how to avoid costly mistakes. Dig in and find out what you need to know to make it for the long haul. I was able to learn a lot of lessons by working at various music venues, learning from touring bands and or being in bands before launching out on my own as a music label and custom merch company. Dig into this site if the music industry is a career for you. Then just realize you are in for the hustle of a lifetime. See ya on the road!

Know The Music Biz Dot Com

Anecdotes From Hittin' The Road

Wall Of Death - Floor Of No Return

Many of yal have heard of and or seen the infamous Wall of Death, well here are two versions in which the Europeans have upped the ante. So whatcha got daredevils? Care to step up and make it gnarlier adding some alligators or bears underneath and do it like the Germans with no floor or maybe like the backyard buildin' Brits in the video? Either way, its balls to the wall.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Shirt For Hellbound Glory

Have a glance at the new shirt design bein' cooked up for Hellbound Glory. Stay tuned as it will be released with some new music late this summer, right before the fellas launch a full US Tour and end up in Raleigh for the Rusty Knuckles Music Showcase at "Live In A Dive" on Sept. 11th. More details soon, so stay tuned...

Hellbound Glory on Myspace

Hellbound Glory on Facebook

Ozzy - Scream, New Single

I think its fair to say that the new release today from Ozzy is going to be damn killer. If you haven't heard the new single "Scream" then take a listen to a fan created video below til' the new video is released. Without Zakk and his signature lick Ozzy's sound has been able to move forward and not feel like every single song from the last 15 plus years. I really dig a lot of the music by Black Label Society but it did seep over too much into Ozzy's sound as well and made Zakk look like a one trick pony. Here is a double shot of the Prince of Darkness.

Ozzy Dot Com

Monday, June 21, 2010

International Go SkateBoarding Day

In case you forgot, its your responsibility to at least cruise down the street on four wheels and a wooden plank. Or you could drop in, bomb a hill or put the hammer down on a big set of stairs. Whatever you do, at least push around and skate today, it will fuel your gypsy soul...

More info about
International Go Skating Day

Yours Truly Skating the infamous Vagabond Pool In Fresno, CA back in the day...

Wrench Works - Barnett's Feature Bike

If you happen to be at the Smokeout this week down in Rockingham, NC, be sure to check out the latest build from Wrench Works. Josh went all out on his latest custom as its a promotional ride for his shop and a testament to what a motorcycle is supposed to do, be ridden. I can go on and on about the details but have a look for yourself or stop in to say hello this week. Surely he will buzzing all around the drag strip with jaws dropping everywhere.

Link To Feature Article
Barnett's Magazine and Harley Shop

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two Great Men

On this Sunday I simply want to send out a big thank you to two individual's whose influence is present daily. Without these tough willed characters, Rusty Knuckles would never have been able to come into existence. Their life's lessons and strong sense of spirit carved a path to follow and instilled the notion that anything is possible through hard work and never giving up. Thanks Chief and Pop Pop for everything.