Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flat Tires - Split 7inch Reviews

Check out the review from Maximum Rock N' Roll, along with the artwork done by Jeff Clayton of Antiseen:

"The FLAT TIRES side gives bar rock a good (well better) name. I could see them making a horde of liquored-up cretins lose their shit. Fuckin' revved-up, wild rock n roll, with a bit of heavy edge, reminding me of the sweet (but lyrically sketchy) CHINESE MILLIONAIRES song off the Blasts from the Basement 7" comp. The lyrics are not exactly inspiring ("Goddamn woman, get outta my face / Gonna have to put you in your place") while the second song denigrates those domestic partners who would come between the band and their bros binging at the bar. You're a dumbass that you're in such a relationshit anyway. FLAT TIRES is some shit Bruce R. would play loud as fuck and say hell yeah. I rate it short of crucial, but I see what he's getting at. (JM)"

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