Monday, June 28, 2010

Revenge Run Featured In Lowside Mag

Life is all about paying it forward and treating people with honesty and respect. It was an absolute blast to finally meet the like minded folks who put together Lowside Magazine. Now the even funnier part is that back in the day I used to be in a hardcore band and one of the dudes from Lowside would come to our shows. Neither of us had a clue who each other was and then it all got figured out by random conversations. As that same conversation was rattling along I was talking about one of my favorite Maryland Hardcore bands called Next Step Up. The next thing I know, he calls over JR the singer. Life works in mysterious ways, but this is a solid shout out to all the Maryland and Baltimore folks we hung out with at the Smokeout. Cannot wait to hang again at the Lowside Magazine Issue 3 release party on August 7th up in Baltimore. Should be a nice and rowdy time!

Check out the Revenge Run feature article

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