Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Antiseen - Welcome To The Team

Well folks its official, Rusty Knuckles Music and the legendary boys from Brutalsville, Antiseen will now be working together. After Jeff Clayton and I had a killer dinner of Eastern Carolina bbq and talking about music, wrestling and all sorts of other shenanigans I was clued into what "represents" Antiseen on the imagery side of things. Here is what Clayton sent me earlier in an email about topics to be represented, in no particular order. Needless to say, we had a solid laugh about this, but at least I now know that fuzzy dice with flames are a solid deal breaker! Hahahahhaha! Thanks again Jeff, stoked to be working with yal!!!

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"Imagery we like being associated with

Rebel Flag

American Flag

Gadsden Flag

Military type things : tanks, bombs, bombers etc….

Barbed Wire

Razor wire

Baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire

Wrestling : old school type stuff, no modern crap (unless it’s Japanese hardcore stuff)

Instruments of Justice : Electric Chair, Gallows, Guillotine (even though it’s French)

Guns (not western type stuff though…kinda over done these days)

Animals such as : Possums, Raccoons, Wild Boars, Buffalo / Bison, Bears, Alligators, Mean Dogs

Moonshine / Washboards

Brass Knuckles (also kinda over done these days)

Things that might land us in court : Planet of the Apes imagery (NOT Tim Burton’s) Godzilla or any other Japanese giant monsters or Kung Fu, any old horror movie stars but not to the point of being considered “horror punk”

Imagery we DON’T wanna be associated with in any way, shape, or form

Pentagrams / Satan / 666


Religion / Magic

Junkies / Hippies

Bettie Page / flaming dice / hot rods


Mushroom Cloud"