Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snake Venom - Wine & Moonshine

Not sure if any of you folks have ever had the chance to try any Snake Venom moonshine or wine that is generally homemade but its quite tasty. Dirty Dawes and I were able to sip on some back in Oakland, CA and its got quite an interesting flavor. The batch that we got to sample from was homemade with Vodka of some sorts and a 6 foot cobra. It was quite intimidating to look at the jar and know that cobra's venom was about to be poured down your throat with some smooth alcohol, but damn it all to hell, why not.

Apparently its a normal drink in a lot of parts of Southeast Asia and the snake is infused with wine, vodka or whiskeys and left to steep for months. The snake venom becomes denatured when interacting with the alcohol and cuts out the risk of its posion, well for the most part. Originally it was considered an aphrodisiac and a testament to health and vitality. I say give it a shot. After drinking it on several occasions at a downtown Vietnamese restaurant in Oakland 3, shots was enough for me and it definitely had a bite far different than most liquors...

Snake Venom in Liquor - more info