Monday, June 7, 2010

New Stator & Generator - Honda cb650

Been having a lot of issues with the rebuild of the 1979 Honda cb650, mostly electrical, and now I think I found the problem. The battery kept draining after about 25 miles so I went through all the main wiring and everything seemed to be in place. Went through site after site digging through forums checking into potential issues and as it turns out, these bikes were known to have frequent charging issues. After hours of searching I finally was able to locate a reputable site that sells brand new parts and even had my model year parts in stock, now that was a first. If you have charging or electrical issues, check these guys out. This will hopefully have the Cafe Racer completely sorted out and I can do the 101 miles down to the Smokeout without being a trailer queen.

Regulator Rectifier Dot Com