Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Next Step Up - Baltimore Hardcore

I truly enjoy it when life comes full circle in simply a matter of minutes. After hangin' with the fellas of Lowside the other day at the Smokeout, we started talking about bands and good times in years past. I happened to mention a band called Next Step Up from Baltimore, that was highly influential upon the band I was in, during the second wave of Hardcore. The next thing ya know, the singer JR was standing next to me in the conversation. All I can say is that is how life should work on a regular basis. Was stoked to talk about the hardcore scene and good times for the rest of the weekend. Will never forget one of their infamous shows at the Rev in Baltimore. Besides the bullets lodged into the sculpture on the wall in the McDonald's across the Street, the "long hairs" being thrown over the railing and down the stairs out of the club, it was just another night of tough guy Hardcore music in Baltimore, with the titans Sheer Terror still yet to go on. That's what I miss about rock n' roll. All the clubs that catered to Hardcore on the east coast were in the gnarliest of neighborhoods and getting there meant you had to watch your back. Then while at the club, you never knew what fight would break out or what chaos would ensue. What happened to rock n' roll being dangerous and full of rebellion? Now there is such stupidity and watered down crap. Back then the hardcore and punk scene had solidarity and you got put in check for being a douche. I want it back!

Check out some tunes and flyers from the mighty Next Step Up. And if you didn't already know, what folks call "metalcore" came from bands like Next Step Up, Integrity and many many more...

Next Step Up on Myspace