Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Better In The Wind - Photo Essay

Riding a motorcycle is absolute purity. Its you and your machine racing through the ether of whatever mindset you are in. Anytime I am on my bikes whatever I had planned on clearing up in my head is quickly forgotten and somehow I simply get lost. My brain hits a cruising speed in which its attentive and focused only on the performance of my engine, crucial running parts and all the cagers that are somehow not realizing my existence in their lane changing fury. This is my form of heaven and one in which I don't have to wait for death to obtain. Seeing the site for It's Better In The Wind quickly took me right back to my last trip and let me coast through the memories of random sightings and my favorite truck stop coffee spots. Check through their site and photos. It's quality work and gets right to the heart of the adventure, maybe I will see ya on the road somewhere fellas.

An essay by Photographer Scott G Toepfer

It's Better In The Wind dot com

It's Better In The Wind - Video Trailer from Scott Toepfer on Vimeo.