Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Catl, European Tour Invasion, Part 6 - PRAGUE

Canadian greats, catl, have been hitting the road hard! 

Here's a peak into the fun, and struggles, they have been encountering on their European tour!

Jamie's ongoing amp roulette - Marshal Stack baby!

"We traveled on the train for about 8 hours, to get to this weird little pub in the middle of a park. It was their staff Christmas party, and they were handing out gifts, like socks with 'Jameson's' written on them. They were also pretty well oiled, just like the rest of Europe.
There were long pauses after our songs ended, and they seemed to like it with some polite applause; but when we threatened to stop playing, they got feisty and wanted us to keep going. One fella stopped us afterwards, and said our music was 'good quality'. We said 'thanks but our hygiene is becoming of very poor quality', and he stared at me blankly.

The end of the night was bittersweet, as we had to crash in an office space with blaring florescent lights, and no bedding whatsoever. We slept in our hoodies, and got the fuck out of there as fast as we could. We will definitely exercise a bit of strangulation on our booker when we get home. Back to Austria!"


Our merch-dog for the evening.

Sarah and a new fan who thanked us for coming to Czech Republic and for our "wonderful concert". "Concert" seems like high praise, but we'll take it!

Our wonderful sleeping accommodations. A dear friend of ours once posed this question after a particularly uncomfortable sleep, and we feel it's appropriate here as well - "What is the opposite of a massage?"

We had no sheets for the bed, and just one pillow that was of questionable cleanliness. So we covered he pillow in this 'Shack Up Inn' T-shirt, and decided to make light of the situation. We call him, "the sad pillow of tears." Oh well, sleep is the cousin of death after all!

catl is gearing up for  U.S. tour coming soon! 

In the meantime, catch them in the states at the Moccasin Creek Festival,  in Effingham, IL, June 24, 2016; and check out their latest album!