Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Catl, European Tour Invasion, Part 7- FELBACH, AUSTRIA

This here is the OFFICIAL VIDEO for 'Gold Tooth Shine'  Featuring Pete Ross on harmonica, and Dani Nash on extra vocals. Director: Brett Van Dyke, Cinematographer : Brett Van Dyke csc, Editor: Kyle McNair

Life on the road isn't always easy! Sometimes all you want is quite, a clean place to rest your head, and food that won't make you sick!

Thank goodness for the friends catl made in Europe! It helped make the rest of their European tour a comfortable success!

Read more about their travel success and tribulations in this, and future blogs!

"Our host Didi met us at the train station and we went straight for dinner. Sarah couldn’t eat anything on our second train (the ‘ghetto’ train) because she's vegetarian and celiac so she was starting to chew on her drumsticks for sustenance."

Sarah flashing some Czech Koruna and eating a salad for breakfast on our first train. It's been slim pickin's for her food-wise so far this tour.

Jamie changing the strings on his guitar on the train. Check out his badass hat. #trainlyfe
"The owners of Café Glam were a couple of really nice cats who plied us with shots of tequila and many beers. Unfortunately, the amp that they had for me had no speaker wire, so I had to improvise my way through the sound board. I managed to unplug my guitar half-way through the set which only means good things are happening."

Post-show hangouts with our host Didi (right) and another new fan, both sporting their brand new catl T's! Thanks guys!

Back at Didi's place. Didi and Jamie posing with a drawing of Peter Falk drawn by the man himself - Peter Falk! Crazy. Of all the things to find in Austria. Didi is a HUGE Columbo fan.

"At the merch table a guy wanted to know if our shirts were ‘fair trade’ so we looked it up on our phone and it turns out they are. He then declined to buy one. I guess he was looking for the child-slave-labour style shirts, which we were out of.

When we got home from the club, we drunkenly did laundry in the sink at Didi’s house. There was also a large orange cat that lived there. We went for breakfast with some of the most hungover looking people in all of Austria."

Oh, the glamorous life of the traveling rock star! Washing your clothes in a sink at 3am so you have something clean to wear the next day. We think we've finally "made it".

"The show was a good one, and Feldbach is a beautiful small town. But Sarah and me are starting to look forward to finishing the tour. We’re exhausted and hauling around all our crap is really losing its charm. Next stop Budapest!" 


Bye Didi! You were an amazing host and we are happy to have a new buddy in beautiful Feldbach.