Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eleventh Annual Gathering of Juggalo's

Imagine you wake up in an alternate reality and the notion of putting on clown makeup and calling yourself a juggalo is just a normal day in the life. Would this be the normal crack smoking diet or just operating at an IQ level in the barely in the double digits, who's to say. If you haven't heard of the Insane Clown Posse well Faygo yourself over to the volume nob and just have a listen to this infomercial. As other folks have also said, they are perversely intrigued into this strange phenomenon known as the Gathering of the the Juggalo's and I have to say I am the same as well. Its sorta like driving by an accident, you just have to look. So take a lunch break and watch this clip about the Juggalo Gathering. I honestly don't know what to think but any group that offers tshirts in medium to XXXXXL must really know their audience.

Juggalo Gathering Dot Com