Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Catl European Tour Invasion Part 5

Catl European Tour Invasion Part 5

After getting picked up at the train station by our host Mark, we met him at the Deep Blues festival in Clarksdale, MS this past October. Mark and his beautiful girlfriend Andrea let us stay at their country home, and the hospitality was over the top.

Rosenheim is a smallish city and the Asta club where we played was one of the only games in town. The soundcheck was easy and I finally got an amp that was easy to drive - a fender Hot Rod Deluxe. The skin on Sarah's floor tom is getting stretched out and is starting to sound like she's hitting a piece of bologna. Sadly the only music store in Rosenheim didn't carry the right size so bologna it is!

Incredible audience at the Asta! thank you Germany - you fucking rule! left of center in the Voodoo Rhythm is our new friend Andrea who spun excellent tunes all night, and Christian Steidl in white T-shirt on the right, founder of Deep Blues Fest Germany/rautoakfest
The attendance looked grim at first, we were the only band playing (like every show so far) but by the time we went on at 9:30 the place was packed. The German people seem genuinely happy we are there to play some rock n' roll, and they can drink more than anyone I've seen so far. This makes us sound better than we actually are, so win! win!

One delightful gentleman decided to take his shirt off after consuming about 35 beers and after the set laid down on the stage where his girlfriend straddled him and proceeded to gyrate in drunken bliss. She threatened to remove her top but mercifully for us all she couldn't navigate her undergarments.

There was an encore and we ended up playing for well over an hour. We sold out of half of our merch and we were crowned the rock and roll royalty of Rosenheim for the day!

In the morning we had 'german eggs' in a cup, which back home we call soft-boiled eggs. Great people, great show. On to Prague!

Leaving Vienna, Jamie at the train station, basking in the glow of a giant Christmas tree

Jamie enjoying yet another giant beer! this time courtesy of Christian Steidl and his Deep Blues Fest that he runs in Germany. #ChristianSteidl #ChrisJohnson #DeepBluesFest #rautoakfest

Catl has arrived at the Asta Rosenheim!

The beautiful stage at the Asta - the calm before the storm 

Sarah at the train station about to leave Rosenheim

Jamie, Chistian, and our WONDERFUL host Mark Eisgruber - don't they kinda look like the beginning of an adorable German boy-band?

Saying goodbye! we will miss you fellas. hope to see you at the next rautoakfest!