Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stump Tail Dolly Feature Write Up On We Hate Pop Country, Labeled As "Thrash Country Done Right"

Stump Tail Dolly Feature Write Up On We Hate Pop Country

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"Innovation is one of the very things that keeps a genre growing, and thriving. It helps take down all of the boundaries, and really gives it a fresh new sound. While southern metal has been around for quite some time now, you don’t see too much of it anymore, at least anywhere near the mainstream circuit. Bands like Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Texas Hippie Coalition, Honky, and Norma Jean popularized the combining of metal and country music influence, and now Stump Tail Dolly is taking it to a whole new level. A duo of two feisty, and sensational artists, “STD” is bringing back a style of music that quite a few consumers of both the metal, and country scene enjoy.

Ryan Clackner, formerly of the famed Fifth on the Floor band, and Lucy Cochran, an award winning contest fiddler make up the pair, and have officially released their debut album, “Americonoclasm,”  which is an epic E.P. that would make any music fan proud, no matter which genre you prefer. Whether it’s screaming guitars accompanied with the infectious energy of blast beat drumming, or a lonesome fiddle that you desire. There’s something here for everyone. Collectively, the budding pair have played with, or recorded for the son of the late Waylon Jennings, Shooter Jennings, The Legendary Shack Shakers, The Local Memories, Bob Wayne, and outlaw princess Sarah Gayle Meech. They have also opened for such top name performers as the iconic George Thorogood, Social Distortion, Scott Biram, and Hank 3. You may also recognize Clackner as portraying the role of the delinquent brother in the official music video for “Hush Hush” from the Pistol Annies, a side project of the mainstream hit maker Miranda Lambert. 

“Americonoclasm”  has five original songs with the first being our favorite, and the best song on the album, “I’ve Endured.”  It showcases the raw talent that makes up this twosome, and really gives you an idea of who they are as a band. The notes Lucy hits are ones that remind you of a progressive yodel. Combine that with her utterly impressive fiddle skills, and Ryan’s kickass guitar playing and it makes for one truly thought provoking song. Another great song is “Billy,”  which starts off with some sick shredding that would please any guitar enthusiast. Other tracks which are also insanely great, include “Insomnia,” “Stumptailed Dolly,”  and “The Marish Prophit.” This debut album is one for the books, and will really help grow their fan base in an artistic way.

The signature sound of Stump Tail Dolly is not something that you can expect to find on your mainstream FM radio dial, nor is it likely that you will see such a pair of hard rocking bad asses among the star studded event of the annual Nashville back-patting award ceremonies, but that doesn’t matter. “Americonoclasm”  is a head banging good time, and is destined to bring you out of your comfort level, and into the zone as their compelling display of rock and roll, hillbilly funk smacks you right dead in the kisser as you continue to beg for more.

Be sure to check out the newly released music video for “I’ve Endured”  below, and don’t forget to visit Stump Tail Dolly on Facebook, and at their website where you can also purchase the album!