Monday, April 4, 2011

Ocho Loco Press - Custom Wooden Prints

Every year at SXSW we head over to Flat Stock to keep an eye on whats shakin' in the poster world. The lone wolf in this rehashed bunch though is a fellow patron saint of two wheels, who runs Ocho Loco Press. He was living in San Francisco for a long time and that is where we originally met up through common friends at a local bike shop. 

For several years now, we always stop by his booth at Flat Stock and see whats new with his prints. We finally convinced John that it would be a great idea to do a line of tshirts with us bearing the Ocho Loco Press designs and trademark style of rubylith hand cut printing. Yes, you heard that right, John is an amazing craftsman and does all of his separations by hand and using an exacto to cut out the film. This is true dedication on many levels and we look forward to producing a few shirts with him this year.
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