Monday, March 29, 2010

Electric Bikes

No matter how you shake it, the electric bike invasion is coming. Does this mean an end to our beloved internal combustion engine? Does it mean we bikers will ride in silence and be forced to listen to "archaic" engine sounds via our iPods and have to remember a time when eruptions of spark, gas and air fueled our speed addictions, hopefully not? With new technologies comes new innovations and a change of mindset. Truly interested to see where they go with the electric bikes. Have seen a few prototypes and a racing version with a lot of fairing to hide all those copper conductors, but none the less I find it fascinating. The only constant in life is change, so a cumbustion free motorcycle world may exist in the future, but ya know what no matter the outcome I will still be heading into the wind.

Have a look at an up and coming electric bike manufacturer.

Brammo - Electric Motorcycles