Saturday, March 27, 2010

Revenge Run - Ride in Bike Show

Alright folks, we checked over everything last night down at Billy Goats and everyone is going to be set for a damn good time. The hospitable folks of this fine establishment are on board and stoked to have us, huge thanks to Wes, Dave and Andie. Here is the official flyer to the after party. Pass it around, check out the bands and prepare to get your faces ripped off. We have some of the best music the south has to offer and all for the low price of 5 bones. Yeah, that's damn cheap, but thats how we roll. We pay it forward and are making this event about all of us involved. If ya can't do the run, come to the party and show yer bike off. Also in the parking lot, everyone is more than welcome to bring bikes, parts or whatever else to sell. Consider it one big swap meet with beer, bikes and broads, got your attention yet?

Check out the bands...

Crank County Daredevils

Flat Tires

Octane Saints

The Dielectrics