Sunday, April 18, 2010

Women and Motorcycles

Women and motorcycles go hand in hand, it just works. When I was a kid I used to dig seeing garages that had the random oil company calendar with the token hot chick holding their product. Nowadays if you had that in your shop if its a "corporate" environment you might have to get sensitivity training. Will never forget the day at one of the old companies I worked at when the lame ass HR numb nuts of an individual told me I could not have a certain photo on my desk. That photo was of Ozzy giving the finger, which a buddy of mine took for the cover of Interview magazine. The irony of this was that I was working for a digital music company in which we played Sabbath or Ozzy songs daily. So this goes out to all the men and women that dig a hot chick on a bike. And for those that feel its objectifying women, yep it sure is and we need more of it.

For more photos such as these, check the killer blog RocRPinups where I grabbed'em