Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Machete - By Robert Rodiguez

I am a big fan of of B movie cinema and directors such as Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. When it comes to over the top criminals and cops, Robert Rodriguez is truly setting the pace. The imagery and tone play right into what Mickey Spillane was best known for with his hard boiled crime drama novels, and famous detective Mike Hammer. Women were called Dames and most hoods on the streets were better known as Perps. These novels and films bode well due to how large the characters loom over everyday life. Forever plagued by injustice of a family gunned down and or the constant struggle that only street smarts will bring the Perps to justice. The heroes and villains are the perfect escape from a world in which, we are bound by lawsuits, pussy's who can't fire from the hip anymore and shit talkers. Nothing says bad ass more than a big knife and a revolver! Thank you Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez, this trailer made my day, now to go fire off some rounds...

Watch the trailer for Machete