Thursday, August 12, 2010

BP = Amoco

If you have been listening to anything remotely news related in the last couple of months there is no denying that you know at least a smidgen about what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico with BP and its lackluster skills in preventative maintenace. Being that my day to day is marketing and design, I tend to follow a lot of visual communication blogs and sites to keep up to date with what's current. Quite soon, you may be possibly thinking what is this brand new station all over the country called Amoco? Well, most likely it will be their PR spin to make folks forget all about their slaughter of our Gulf waters and with a fresh coat of paint. Just remember when that new logo pops up on your local gas station called Amoco, its just BP in its former Best Posture.

Check out their logos from the past to give you an idea of their possible new direction for branding.