Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mike Snody And His Amazing Cutlery

Finding a guy such as Mike Snody on youtube, is akin to finding your new favorite reality show that you didn't know you were looking for. As soon as we found his channel, we ended up watching for the next three hours and damn if this dude isn't a craftsman. What we find the most compelling about his work is how detailed and well he explains knife making, while also creating blades that are of uncompromising quality. If you have any interest in custom knives, enjoy. A Mike Snody Boss knife will be out on our hip before too long.

Watch Snody Knives Reality TV on youtube

Snody Knives - Boss Series
Snody Knives - Crisis Card
Snody Knives - Boss series with paracord handles
Snody Knives - Snake Charmer custom knife
Snody Knives - Acid etched folding knife