Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rancid Essentials - 7 Inch Vinyl Record Box Set, From Pirates Press

Rancid has been in our play list steadily since early 1993. The first time I got to hear Let's Go and dive into that album, it was a damn epiphany. That album delivered an intensity, that was refreshing and different and they have kept the fires lit for many years. From all the side project bands to Hellcat Records to being a songwriter for the likes of Pink and Jimmy Cliff. The pool of talent within Rancid is beyond the measure of just an East Bay punk outfit. Their collective talent resides more along the lines of studio dream team, yet they retain their street cred roots akin to a towering redwood tree.

Do yourself a favor and check out what Pirates Press has cooked up with this amazing Rancid 7" vinyl box set. You can buy the whole lot or buy them individually. Need a Christmas gift? Well folks, we are ready for ours to be sent to us.

Get your copies of the new and repacked Rancid 7" records now

"To celebrate & commemorate Rancid’s 20th Anniversary, these packs contain all 7 legendary studio albums, re-mastered to be sets of audiophile 45rpm 7” collections. We’ve also compiled all the B-Sides & C-Sides into a set as well - allowing you to collect essentially the whole discography, or just your favorite part of it, in this brilliant colored vinyl smorgasbord. All the sleeves have new artwork and each pack is bound together with a collectible printed leather obi-strip, and placed in a resealable bag."

Each set comes in three different versions: 
• Red Vinyl (1000pcs)    • White Vinyl (Ltd. Ed. 500pcs)    • White Vinyl w/ Red Splatter (Ltd. Ed. 500pcs)

Rancid 7" custom box set for vinyl records
Rancid 7" cover art for Nihilism, Radio, Side Kick & Salvation
Rancid 7" cover art for Midnight, Motorcycle Ride, Name & 7 Years Down
Rancid 7" cover art for Something In The World Today, Corazon De Oro & Coppers
Rancid 7" cover art for Indestructible, Fall Back Down & Red Hot Moon
Rancid 7" cover art for Arrested In Shanghai, Travis Bickle & Memphis
Rancid 7" cover art for I Ain't Worried, Damnation & New Orleans
Rancid 7" cover art for You Want It, You Got It, Locomotive, That's Just The Way It Is & The Highway