Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Insane Championship Wrestling And The Braveheart Known As Grado

"It's all for nothing if you don't have Grado!"
The allure of professional wrestling has captured audiences far and wide. Whether it be the stage shows, athleticism or the gimmicks, wrestling is live theater akin to a Shakespearean play. The drama unfolds in a similar fashion. Just as a heel applies the tourniquet pressure of a four figure leg lock to a babyface, a hero will rise from the crushing pain, to craft a finishing maneuver and keep the audience begging for more.

Underground wrestling is full of upstarts, who in the words of the almighty Ric Flair, "Write checks that their bodies can't cash". Their pursuit of making it to the upper echelon of leagues such as the WWE is a path only traversed by a select few.

VBS has a great four part documentary series on Insane Championship Wrestling and a few of their standout characters, with one in particular, Grado. What he lacks in a sculpted stature, he makes up for in sheer determination and willingness to seek out his dream. This is what we think life is all about. You need to think big, act big and never give up, while also crafting your ideals to create something unique. Thanks Grado, looking forward to hearing more of the shit talking in that thick brogue as you fly off the top turn buckle.

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Grado, a Scottish wrestler in need of the strength of William Wallace