Sunday, October 21, 2012

Langhorne Slim Was Custom Made For The Stage

Before last night's show at the Cat's Cradle over in Chapel Hill, I didn't really know too much about Langhorne Slim. Went to the show to enjoy a night out with my lady and was stoked to get out to see a band and have a beer. Little did I know just how great of a live act ol' Langhorne Slim would turn out to be. The club was only half full, but you would have never known, by the amount of energy coming from the stage and in front of it. As I stared around, checking out fan reaction, I knew that I was the recent convert to this social club. Almost every word, to each song was sung in chorus by everyone in the room. Many an act could learn a thing or two from these fellas. From their high energy, positive rapport with the crowd and weaving each song into a crescendo that left us wanting more, Langhorne Slim is a band to check out live.