Thursday, October 25, 2012

Billy Don Burns Has Fans Far And Wide And Including Martina McBride

Much of life is all about who ya know or being at the right place and right time. I have come to the conclusion that opportunity is where talent and hard work collide. Billy Don Burns has been lighting fires far and wide with his gritty form of songwriting about hard living characters and the tribulations that life sets before us. We find great joy in knowing that even main stream artists across country music, tip their hat to ol' BD. Have a look at some of the quotes on Billy Don from Martina McBride's site.

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Billy Don Burns, latest album, Nights When I'm Sober... Portrait Of A Honky Tonk Singer
Link to thread on Martina McBride's site

"Billy Don Burns is the ultimate Road Warrior of country music, and very under-appreciated for his talent. He's lived the life, paid all imaginable dues, and writes with more heart than any singer out there. If you haven't listened to his wealth of music, you haven't heard country music."

"Billy Don Burns is the most honest person writing and singing today. His songs transform you into another world. Each song creates a special picture in your mind. His voice pulls you into an intimate place in your heart. Real is the word. This generation connects to BDB like no other artist out there right now. He would make a great touring partner for Martina McBride. She has the clear voice. He has the real voice. A great match!!!!"

"Billy Don Burns is the best songwriter/singer in country music of this decade. He writes, yes, but when he sings to you with that sexy voice, you fall into the story being told in the song. You feel every emotion he releases. He has LIVED each song. He doesnt make up something, he writes what he has lived. If you ever meet him and let him sing to you, you will understand. Listen to Lonesome 77203, Fall on my sword, running drugs out of mexico. Aaron Rogers and me, the most romantic is Loving Arms. Take a is worth it."

Billy Don Burns being talked about on Martina McBride's site