Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Custom Wrench Knives Are Getting Posted On Various Sites

It is quite refreshing to see a cool project start to take off in a way that is unexpected. We have been making a variety of versions of our wrench knives for fun and for give aways, apparently now they are liked by quite a few folks. Check out the recent posts on Make and Neatorama. Thanks folks, we really appreciate the write ups and link backs.

Rusty Knuckles Wrench Knife - featured on
Rusty Knuckles Wrench Knife - featured on

Original photos of the knife as posted on our Flickr page

Wrench Knife created for giveaway on the 2012 Run What Ya Brung, Motorcycle Run in western North Carolina
Wrench Knife outside of sheath
Length view of Wrench Knife
Sharpened tip of wrench knife ready to be honed into a fine edge