Monday, October 29, 2012

Antiseen Featured On Much Music As A Truly Frightening Band

To truly establish yourself and create a name that will live on, requires more of a commitment and adherence to what you believe in and live for. The other aspect of this equation is to do something that is truly exceptional.

Jeff Clayton and Joe Young have invested three decades in their punk rock credentials with their almighty band aptly named Antiseen. Known for the destructive live show, fuzzed out guitar riffage and one hell of a visual assault that is self inflicted, these fellas know how to stir up a frenzy. Seeing their names get a solid shout out across the northern border of Canada and on is a welcome sight.

If you really want to feel the full weight of their scary influence, just check out the newest release from them which is all about wrestling. Falls Count Anywhere is a testament to any fan of the squared circle. Get your copy now!

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"Halloween is a scary time of year… for children. My son is freaked out by all that Halloween stuff but he is three. Most of us adults see this stuff for what it is: a seasonal cash grab. But if you are like me you realize that what is truly scary is not a celeb wearing vampire teeth or zombie make-up, it’s something different. What is really scary to me is someone truly unhinged from the reality. I love scary bands!

Bands that lose themselves in the performance so much that you don’t know if you will get out alive! Here are my top five scary bands:

GISM is/was not so much of a band has a musical cult. To this day people in Japan fear talking too much about this band out of fear that lead singer Sakevi might appear… now that is scary. And yes that is a legit flame thrower he is firing into the crowd.

The h100s made a 7″ in the mid ’90s called Dismantle and in my opinion it is one of the best American punk records of all time. Live the h100s were reputed as one of the most dangerous American bands of all time. This video doesn’t really reflect it but the stories of hammers hurled from stages, church alters smashed with bats, Nazis stabbed are stilled passed around from one kid to another like the stories around a campfire.

Antiseen are a band heavily influenced by wrestling and thus they know that somebody has to play the bad guy, which in wrestling parlance is called a “heel.” And like all good heels, it is hard to tell where the reality stops and the character begins. Antiseen have been the heel villains of underground music for going over 30 years. Check the blood! I stole the gimmick from these dudes but don’t tell them…

they scare me.

Haymaker is the one band on this list that I got to witness first hand… I would even go so far as to say I was friends with them, but don’t for a second think that I was no scared the whole time. I watched them destroy club all over Southern Ontario. Fire, glass, chairs, light-bulb tubes, all of it would fly through the air… I may have even gotten swept up once or twice in the excitement. I was even present for the show in the clip below… but it fails to convey how truly close to the edge the 10 minute show felt.

The Stooges are a band that kids should be taught in school. They are that important to music, they saved rock and roll. The Stooges were so unlike, just about all of their contemporaries that shine like a beacon in the era. Much of the live power lay in the Manson-like charisma of the nihilistic singer Iggy Pop. This is not a rock star like Mick Jagger. Iggy was a rock star from desperation and rage. This video, while not violent, still shows how scarily awesome this band was."

Antiseen featured on as being one of the truly scary bands in punk rock