Monday, October 29, 2012

Engraving Old Coins For Our Belt Loops

As of late, we have been putting a plethora of time and energy into new custom products to be offered through our various online store outlets such as etsy, ebay and our main web store right here on this site. One of the focus areas has been our leather goods and elements we can add to the hardware. We are currently working on custom engraved old coins to add to the vibe of the pieces, have a look.

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Our first foray into engraving old coins to be used for a new style of snap on our our belt loops.
We currently have two options for colors on our belt loops. Will be adding Brass D Rings and our new engraved Indian Head nickel coins to our product line.
Each coin is individually engraved, repainted and then sanded down to get a unique final result per coin.