Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reno Divorce Will Be Conquering The World With Their Brand New Album, Lover's leap

Reno Divorce - Lover's Leap, the brand new album from the Denver punk quartet
Good things come to those who wait. For all the fans of Reno Divorce your patience will be rewarded in a huge way. The time has finally come for the release of Lover's Leap, their new full length album. After working through the recording sessions and finessing the tracks to be their strongest release to date, the fella's are beyond proud of the sonic boom they are about to release upon the masses. We cannot express in this pixelated text, just how ecstatic we are to be working with Reno Divorce. After listening to these new tracks over and over for the last few months, we can attest that Lover's Leap will be a game changing album for the Denver quartet.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, here are some key dates to be looking out for. Early next week we will be announcing the pre-sale of the new album, Lover's Leap. The pre-sale will be an exclusive internet only release through Rusty Knuckles Music on December 4th and on Itunes. All orders with the new album, will be shipping the week of December 4th 2012. On February 12th, the album will hit stores worldwide and be available in most every outlet. 

To get the party started, check out a few of the still shots from the upcoming first single and title track, Lover's Leap, shot on location in Denver, CO. The first single and video will be going live in a few short weeks. More details on that shortly.

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Video still from new single Lover's Leap by Reno Divorce
Brent Loveday frontman and lead guitarist of Reno Divorce
Ruben Patino, drummer of Reno Divorce
Tye Battistella, rhythm guitarist and back up vocals in Reno Divorce

Track Listing for Lover's Leap

01 – Rep to Protect
02 – You Created a Monster
03 – Lover’s Leap
04 - Ill Gotten Gains
05 – Sunsets and Corvettes
06 - Stumble (Intermission)
07 – Time Flies When You're Having Fun
08 – Make Sure Your Sure
09 – I’ll Always Be Your Slave
10 – Every Second Counts
11 – Three Time Loser
12 – G.E.D. Sweethearts
13 – Don’t Let It Slip Away

Reno Divorce Biography

"Ten years strong and armed with an uncanny arsenal of three minute vignettes that peer into the seeder side of life, Reno Divorce has earned a reputation for punk rock storytelling at its finest.  Whether on a festival stage or in a smoke filled, gin-soaked juke joint off the beaten path, they execute their brand of Orange County inspired punk meets honky-tonk blues with bravado and intensity.

That’s why the band’s new full length, “Lover’s Leap” will find a home with fans of Social Distortion, Rise Against, and Hank Williams, alike. Once again, they’ve teamed up with legendary recording studio, The Blasting Room (Rise Against, The Descendents), to offer their fans a glimpse into the last few years of life in the fast lane and the result is the band’s strongest record yet. Lead singer/songwriter Brent Loveday’s lyrics take the listener on a tour through vice and virtue and all the while keeping it in time and making it rhyme. Tracks like “You’ve created a Monster” and “Ill Gotten Gains” showcase their punk rock roots, while songs like “Lover’s Leap” and “Make Sure Your Sure” show the band’s penchant for rhythm and blues and the love of a good hook.  

Reno Divorce may very well be punk rock’s best kept secret, but with the release of “Lover’s Leap”, they won’t be for long…"