Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rory Kelly Is Helping Out The Spanish Economy

Through the magical computer box we just got word from the man himself, Rory Kelly, that the tour in Spain is going over like gang busters. Big crowds at every single show and this means that folks are coming out in force, to have a good time. All the major news outlets love to beat us down, about whatever political candidate, is the soup of the day and how we should fear economic collapse. Here is the one key to unlock all the doors. Citizens of the world need to spend their hard earned cash and enjoy themselves. Don't go out and break the bank, but a little bit of grease on the wheels goes a long way. It will help your mental state and alleviate ya from smashing in the tv or better yet from believing the hype machine called corporate news. 

Do yourselves a favor, get out to see a show, buy a few beers from the club and enjoy the good times. Life is damn short and in a blip it will all be over. Ahem, now we have stepped off the soapbox so check out some of the tour photos from Rory Kelly in Spain.

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Rory Kelly live in Spain
Pops, Billy and Rory killin' it live in Spain 
Gotta love the fans in Spain
Guitar Shredder aka Rory Kelly 
When the fellas lock in for that southern groove their ain't no stopping
Rory Kelly muggin' it up with fans in Spain
Greetings from beautiful Madrid, Spain

Billy Miller jammin' from the top turn buckle
Hanging with more fans in Spain