Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Large Tattoo Skulls For Those Who Need To Make A Statement

The illustrated skull as a tattoo motif will never go out of style. Could it be due to the fact that we all have a skull or that it represents life, death and all of that encompasses us as humans? Our morbid fascination with death as a society is one of the only constants we throughout recorded history, besides taxes and compounding interest.

For those who use their skin as a canvas and allow for the macabre to come to life, this is dedicated to you. All of the tattoos below are well thought out and take up a large portion of each recipient's body. To achieve such a goal is to put great faith into your chosen tattoo artist and a belief in your mission of pain, to let a personal story unfold. Hades is proud and smiling outwardly from the depths.

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Skull full back piece with third eye
Crystal skull of the cosmos full back piece
Asian style style dragon and skull
Bigfoot skull in scale size on back piece
Skull or two folks having a drink?
A skull is never just one skull, but made up of those for which it has conquered
Skull chest piece
Skull full chest piece