Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shaking Up The Music Industry And The Future Of Streaming Content

There are five big companies to always be on the lookout for in the high tech crowd. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have done more to shape the last number of years than we care to write about. Whether its epic failures such as Microsoft's Zune or the epic heights, when it comes to Apple's stock price, these companies continue to shape our future online.

Hearing the news of Google being ready to grow it's own music service is no surprise. I am honestly surprised it hasn't happened sooner, but it plays in accordance with the skyrocketing growth of the Android market and the new phones and notepads about to be released for the holiday shopping rush. Add into this mix, Apple's announcement of it's own Pandora style music player that is customizable to your tastes and now there are some game changing plays in motion.
Competition breeds innovation and we are stoked to hear about Apple's new streaming service, as Pandora is a great application, but it has done little in terms of progression within the last few years. With Apple and Google exploring new streaming options, indie labels such as us, without deep coffers, can continue to charge into battle.

Could Apple's new streaming service put the nail in Pandora's coffin?