Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Green Lady Killers Embark On New Video

Between all the social media outlets, the phone ringing or buzzing from messages and the never ending amount of ads you see in one day, it is no wonder our brains are constantly feeling like they are on deep fry mode. Trying to keep a lid on work, keeping up with friends and still enjoying this thing called life, is a constant challenge.

In our case, we get damn near lost daily, in the deluge of projects coming down the pike, but this is indeed a good problem to have. Without the constant barrage of new ideas for all of our endeavors, the ol' cerebral cortex wouldn't be working in overdrive and we would be quite bored.

One of the new projects we are developing is a new interactive video with the Green Lady Killers. We don't want to give away too many details, but here are some basic clues within these photos.

The Green Lady Killers - Fire in My Eyes by RustyKnuckles
Ivy Rose, CherryBomb and Lady Van Buren on set in downtown Los Angeles
The Green Lady Killers are being visited by a mystery figure