Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Custom USB Drives With A Steampunk Vibe

Metal is in our blood and in our soul. It could be in the form of music from Pantera to Testament to Behemoth or in the form of chromoly, brass, copper, aluminum and structural steel. As a hobby it is fun to work on new ideas that could be used as gifts. We have a great client that has helped pave our way to getting more bands heard on a large scale. Knowing their type of business, making something unique was the only route to go. Should be a great gift and one that has already opened up a few new doors.

Harley 6R12 Spark Plug and One San Disk USB Drive
USB drive removed from outer casing
Working on molds and a new casing for the USB Drive
Old Harley spark plug with some brass and copper fittings for custom USB
Custom USB drive as a gift for a client
Custom USB drive as a gift for a client using brass, copper and a Harley spark plug