Monday, October 1, 2012

Rory Kelly Will Have Feature Song Within Indie Movie - Diesel Heart

For a long time now, we knew the music Rory Kelly delivers, is custom tailored for a large feature film. Opportunity is where hard work and great timing collide and damn is it cool to know that (Don't Shake My) Family Tree will be a feature song in an upcoming independent film along with music by Stevie Tombstone. Below is a featured trailer for the movie Diesel Heart and a synopsis on the film.

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Dive into more details on the movie Diesel Heart


“He wanted adventure. He got it.”
"A drama/thriller taking place across the U.S., “Diesel Heart” begins with a terminally ill young man, Ollie, and his desire to travel. Distraught from his diagnosis, Ollie spontaneously takes a job driving big rigs and soon finds himself cruising the open road, enjoying the freedom he’s always wanted.

Everything changes when he rescues a mysterious woman and her son from the highway. He falls in love with the woman, unaware that her murderous husband, an outlaw trucker, is after her and a suitcase of money she’s stolen. He’s also unaware this psychotic man is his boss who gave him the trucking job in the first place. Secrets continue to unfold as Ollie finds himself taking a major detour in his journey.


The concept of Diesel Heart originated in 2009, inspired by Writer-Director Steve Nahaj’s personal dream to travel the country in an 18-wheeler. Dissuaded by the seemingly difficult challenge, he decided to instead write a screenplay about an afflicted but determined young man, Ollie, who hits the road with nothing to lose.

While writing the script, however, Steve grew restless, unable to focus on his work having not attempted the adventure himself. So in 2010 he took a hiatus from the film industry and got behind the wheel of a big rig. What followed was a year spent on the road, hauling freight and learning more about the country in the process. Fascinated by enchanting land and the intriguing stories of people he met, Steve found renewed energy for his work and returned to Los Angeles to complete the screenplay

Eventually word got around and more people joined in the effort of bringing Diesel Heart to life as a full feature film. Altered Contrast Productions has since taken on the project, along with the help of producers, investors, crew, and other entertainment professionals. Currently in pre-production, Diesel Heart is slated to begin principal photography Oct/Nov 2012 with a projected theatrical release of mid 2013."