Monday, October 8, 2012

Run What Ya Brung = Damn Epic Time

There are a lot of ways we could describe a motorcycle run and or event such as the Run What Ya Brung, but in all reality, it is about the basics. The only advertising for the event, is posted on this blog or on our Facebook page. Word of mouth, from one friend to another is generally how the word gets out and that is the way it will always be. This is done for a very specific reason. Our goal is to keep the run low key and for the die hard individuals that keep their bikes mechanically sound. We invite anyone to join us and the door is always open. Just leave the attitudes else where and don't spoil the good times. How simple is that?

Huge shout out to the bands, Southbound Turnaround and J.P. Harris for a great show on Friday night. Many thanks to Dale and Matt over at Wheels Through Time for always welcoming us in and treating us great with stories for miles about all the rides they have to showcase. For all the fellas that showed up and put down some serious miles, that is what makes the run worth while. Cannot wait for our next gathering to swap more stories and drink some cold ones. Lastly, thanks to the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Camp for being such great folks and cookin' up some amazing grub. Their motorcycle camp is without a doubt an amazing place to disappear to for a few days, we highly recommend it for any season. And for you folks that don't camp, they have cabins.

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Rob checking out his leaky primary, figuring out a fix
Big decisions need to be made fast, just how much beer should we buy
Deputy Death Monkey kidney belt
Awesome run coins made by TWT Motorcycle Parts
Wes racked up 1109.9 miles, for the most on the run and won the wrench knife
Mad Dog Matt, hates drinking beer so he always goes straight for fruity drinks and liquor
Scotty P. of Southbound Turnaround and Mad Dog Matt
Southbound Turnaround was rockin' the hell out of the club
Rob has the fix for his leaky primary and loose bolts
Within an hour of getting to the campsite, two cases of beer and forty ouncers were already accounted for
Shaky Mike and Brad working on the brake line so it doesn't get severed by the chain
Shaky Mike's custom tool kit
Custom Wrench Knife put together for the run
Linking up with Probey Joe and Steven on the road, south of Charlotte