Monday, October 20, 2014

MotoBunny Joins Rusty Knuckles Music, Featuring Members of the Woolly Bandits and The Love Me Nots

MotoBunny joins Rusty Knuckles Music and will release their debut album in 2015
Rusty Knuckles Music has grown over the last five years to rally around quite a few distinct tones in the sonic delivery of what we call American Roots. Jangly garage rock is one of those areas which is truly defining as a distinct sound honed out of the mid 1960's and helped to define what we know as punk rock . Whether it be the fuzzed out catchiness of  The Sonics, the explosive lives shows with the MC5, the raw element in early White Stripes albums or one of our all time favorites, the DirtBombs out of Detroit, Garage Rock is truly part of the soundscape of American Roots. 

Without further ado, please welcome MotoBunny to Rusty Knuckles Music. Their debut single "MotoBunny" will launch on November 11th via Itunes along with their brand new video on youtube and vimeo. Read on below to find out more on the band and what exactly they are all about.

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In two sentences, tell us what MotoBunny is all about

Iggy-Pop-meets-Icona-Pop, dual-female-fronted, new American rock n’ roll. Start with garage rockers from The Love Me Nots and The Woolly Bandits, add a helping of Detroit grit and a sprinkle of Los Angeles glitter, slap on some moto goggles, and this is what you get.

Knowing that yall have toured extensively and played with a wide array of acts, what type of bands inspire you?

The idea for the band came together literally back stage at an Iggy Pop concert in Long Beach. As we wrote and recorded, we listened to everything from The Black Keys to Abba to Icona Pop to Patty Smith to the 5678s to James Brown to Jack White. It’s hard to pinpoint where inspiration comes from, but we get revved up by musicians who pour their souls into their performances and rock their faces off, no matter what genre they come from.

What are your tour / show plans for 2015?

After the record comes out in early 2015, we’re planning to hit the road in the US in the Spring. Likely we’ll perform in the Southeast, the Southwest, and the Northwest to start out, since that’s where the label and band members hail from. We would love to get Motobunny overseas also, but first things first.

If there were any bands that you could pick to tour with, whom would it be and why?

Motopony and No Bunny, because the posters would be hilarious. Iggy Pop, because that’s where we started. But in all seriousness, we’d sound amazing with The Black Keys, Jack White, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fitz and The Tantrums - they all blend those tasty old-school guitar rock riffs with just a touch of pop sparkle, which is the sound that Motobunny is built on.

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Current stations playing select tracks from the new album due out in February 2015

Let’s Go Out - KWSS, The Underground Garage, Radio Valencia
Motobunny - WRUR, Radio Valencia, Ruckus show in Vegas, County Linx (UK)
You’re Killing Me - Teenage Wasteland (WFMU), The Undergrond Garage, Whole Lotta Shakin - Rochester, NY
The Other Side - KWSS
Shake Me - County Linx (UK)

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MotoBunny Bio:

Motobunny is a 2014 collaboration formed in the backstage chaos of an Iggy Pop concert between four longtime musician friends. After years of sharing green rooms, tour vans, back lines, and even seedy motel rooms, the four decided to storm the stage together as one thundering, powerhouse rock n roll band with two magnetic front women.

 Motobunny promises foot-stomping, glitter-flinging, bass-booming, American rock n roll poised for a 2014 Fall release. The four Motobunny members wrote the band’s self-titled full-length debut album together, collaborated with musicians from Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Phoenix, and Detroit, recorded in Detroit at Ghetto Recorders with Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Electric Six, Dirtbombs, Sights, Detroit Cobras), mixed the record in Phoenix at Flying Blanket Recording with Bob Hoag (Dear in The Headlights, The Format, Ataris, Pollen), and mastered it in Fort Collins at The Blasting Room with Jason Livermore (Rise Against).

Singles are already being aired on stations including Sirius/XM, KROQ (LA), KEXP (Seattle), KWSS (Phoenix), KQ1067 (Phoenix), Blast 1386 (England), WRUR (Rochester), and 89.9FM Radio Valencia (San Francisco), and popular podcasts such as Surfabilly Freakout (Champaign IL) and Radio Free Bakersfield (LA). Motobunny has two self-produced music videos in production with directors in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

The Motobunny band members come from established rock acts, including The Love Me Nots, The Seeds, The Woolly Bandits, Zero Zero, Tongue, DeCry, The White Demons, and The Sonic Thrills. They have all performed extensively in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia, including performances with Michael Jackson, Karmin, X, Iggy Pop, The Damned, The Dirtbombs, Mary Weiss, The Neighborhood, Billy Corgan, Little Richard, Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World), Prima Donna, Kongos, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Supersuckers, HarMar Superstar, Kitten, Joe Cocker, New York Dolls, Franz Ferdinand, Jim Jones Revue, official SXSW showcases, and two features in Fender official promotional videos. Motobunny band members’ past and current rock projects have been reviewed in SPIN, Little Steven's "The Coolest Song in The World" compilations, Rolling Stone, Rock & Folk, Village Voice (Top Albums of the Year), Austin Chronicle (Top Albums of the Year), LA Weekly, Detroit Metro Times, Phoenix New Times (Top Albums of the Year), XMU's Radar Report, Sirius/XM radio regular rotation and BBC playlists.

Front woman Christa Collins (“RoXy Moto”) was the first child solo artist signed to Disney records, played Cosette in the first national touring company of Les Miserables, and eventually became lead singer of LA’s garage act The Woolly Bandits. RoXy recently starred as a Top 8 Finalist in the first season of X Factor USA (2012), made a guest appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show (2014) and has several upcoming film cameos, including feature film Gutshot Straight (playing opposite George Eads (CSI), Steven Lang (Avatar, Salem), Ted Levine (Silence of the Lambs) and Steven Segal).

Front woman Nicole Laurenne (“Violet Moto”) began as an award-winning child classical pianist and eventually became lead singer/organist of Phoenix rockers The Love Me Nots, a band that has toured internationally, is on regular rotation on Sirius/XM, signed with French label Bad Reputation, has had tracks placed on Rescue Me, Fairly Legal, and Being Human, appears in two Fender promotional videos, and has been included on Best Album of the Year lists by many national music critics since the band’s inception. The Love Me Nots have been the subject of two feature Rolling Stone (France) articles and specific mentions in SPIN’s “Songs You Need To Download Now.” Violet was named “Best Front person” by The Arizona Republic (2010).

Guitarist Michael Johnny Walker (“Death Ray Moto”) has performed at Lollapolooza, founded The Love Me Nots, was listed as number one on The Phoenix New Times’ list of Top 10 Phoenix Guitarists, and is featured in Fender’s “The Soul of Tone” (2009) promo video with Dweezil Zappa. Laurenne and Walker launched a popfuzz side project, Zero Zero, in 2012, which reached the Top 20 Phoenix charts on KWSS (Phoenix) and was listed on Best Phoenix Albums of the Year by The Phoenix New Times.

Bassist Rik Collins (“Bronto Moto”) came up in the LA garagepunk scene and toured and recorded internationally with legendary garage act The Seeds. He founded The Woolly Bandits, an acclaimed garage band in regular rotation on KROQ (LA) that has also toured internationally, produced numerous music videos and is featured in a 2014 Canada Dry whiskey commercial. 

Motobunny puts two proven high-energy frontwomen exploding on stage with a girls-just-wanna-have-fun attitude together with hard-hitting rock riffs by some of the best musicians in the current garage rock genre. Motobunny guarantees that its audiences will be covered in sweat and glitter while having the time of their lives! 

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Check out the Love Me Nots below 

Check out the Woolly Bandits below