Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mud Wrestling Nuns

Mud Wrestling Nuns, originally uploaded by Rusty Knuckles.

After diggin' through quite a few photos and uploads via Flickr I was trying to find one image that could be my favorite of 2010, from my personal photo collection. The mud wrestling nuns quickly rose up the ranks and makes me wish for a hot summer day and a cold PBR. Maybe its not the most artsy photo or that quality of an image but it describes in a nutshell the good times to be had when music and vintage rides unite.

This photo was taken at the annual Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston-Salem, NC which is one of the best damn events to attend. If you are into hanging out with several thousand about to be new close friends, vintage cars and bikes and close to a hundred bands, well this one is to not be missed. If we don't see ya at other events always count on us having our big booth in the back corner of the main stage room every year. For 2011 we will be having an even larger booth as it will be a bar/lounge setup complete with couches and carpet. Yep, Heavy Rebel is on for 2011.

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