Sunday, January 2, 2011

Corey Taylor - Man E Faces

Corey Taylor is certainly an enigma and when it comes to his music prowess the only resemblance I can think of that matches his stylings is the Man E Faces character from He-Man. Just turn the knob on top of his head and he switches to another face and ultimately another character.

It's the ability to switch speeds and to do it with absolute perfection sets him apart as one of the best front man in the music business. He could be in a maniacal rage performing with Slipknot while letting out the controlled anger, feeling his rock angst with Stone Sour or just playing acoustic which he did for new years while opening up for Aaron Lewis of Staind, but damn can the dude play.

Here is to you Corey Taylor for throwing the finger high to the metal turds that only listen to your Slipknot songs, for they have barely scratched the surface.